11-th  Specialized Exhibition
Dates 09.10.2018 - 12.10.2018
Location Russia, Irkutsk
SibExpoCentre (view)
Organizers "SibExpoCentre", OJSC
Theme B.11. Medicine, Health, Hygiene, and Social Support
 Dentist equipment, materials and services.
Contact person Exhibition Director:
Olga Agarleva
tel: (3952) 35-43-47
fax: (3952) 35-30-33
email: agarleva@sibexpo.ru
URL: sibzdravoohranenie46.sibexpo.ru/ru/main/vistavki/2988/sibzdravoohranenie46/about/

Under support of Irkutsk Region Government, Irkutsk City Administration, "Dentists' Association of Russia, "Dentists' Association of Irkutsk Region

Participant Preliminary Request

Statistics together with "SIBERIAN HEALTH CARE" (2016 year)
hall space rented by domestic exhibitors 840
hall space rented by foreign exhibitors 28
open air space rented by domestic exhibitors 52
space rented (total) 920
special shows space 538
net space 1458
gross space 3500
domestic exhibitors 92
foreign exhibitors 9
exhibitors (total) 101
domestic visitors 9100
visitors (total) 9100
visitor category trade + public visitors (T+P)
trade visitors (%) 68
participant countries China
South Korea
countries number 3
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