Energy. Power Efficiency. 2017
19-th  Specialized Exhibition with International Participation
Dates 07.06.2017 - 09.06.2017
Frequency annual
Location Russia, Saratov
Ice Palace
Organizers "Sofit-Expo" JSC
Theme B.28. Energy
The «POWER. POWER EFFICIENCY» exhibition - meeting place of professionals of the power branch, uniting a branch specialised exhibition and the extensive business program. Participants of an exhibition – manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment, technologies and services in the field of power. Among посетительской audiences of an exhibition and participants of the business program – experts of the power making and power supplying enterprises, heads of power managements of the industrial enterprises of all branches, experts of the organisations of housing-and-municipal sphere, employees of research establishments.
Contact person Exhibition Director:
Oksana Kuzmina
telefax: (8452) 20-54-70, 20-69-26
email: o.kuzmina@expo.sofit.ru
URL: expo.sofit.ru

Under support of Ministry of the Industry and Power of the Saratov Region
Power Saving Agency of the Saratov Region
Statistics of the previous event (2015 year)
hall space rented by domestic exhibitors 543
open air space rented by domestic exhibitors 168
space rented (total) 711
special shows space 177
net space 888
gross space 2600
domestic exhibitors 83
exhibitors (total) 83
additionally represented domestic firm 7
additionally represented firm (total) 7
domestic visitors 3659
foreign visitors 20
visitors (total) 3679
visitor category trade visitors (T)
trade visitors (%) 95
participant countries Russia
countries number 1
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