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Results of RUEF Anniversary General Meeting 14-16 December 2016 in St.Petersburg

Anniversary General Meeting of the RUEF Members was held 14 to 16 December 2016 in St. Petersburg hosted by "EF-International" Fairground & Organiser. The main topics of agenda were reporting of the 3 years period achievements and electing governing bodies officials.


Meetings of the RUEF Committees and the Board  were held on December, 14 before the GM opening.


Opening the Anniversary General Meeting by the welcome speech Sergey Alexeev, RUEF President and UFI Executive President, congratulated the participants on the RUEF 25 years anniversary. The video dedicated to this date presented the history, achievements, present and future challenges and opportunities of the Union as well as warm greetings from the RUEF members.


After that the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Sergey Movchan and RUEF Board Member, General Director of "EF-International" Sergei Voronkov as the hosting party welcomed the participants of the Meeting.


Welcome and greeting words were followed by the presentation of the Head of the Exhibitions Department of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Sergey Selivanov, that informed the Meeting on specific features of the governmental support for the Russian exhibition industry.


On the first day of the Meeting, December 14, the participants resolved the issue on membership, including new members admission, and held elections to the governing bodies and committees of the Union.


In his report for the members the RUEF President Sergey Alekseev highlighted the trends in the development of the domestic exhibition industry and presented the results of the Union performance  and the RUEF development strategy for the next three-year period, focusing on the need to expand cooperation with federal and regional authorities, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and RSPP (Russian Union of Entrepreneurs and Enterprises), industry associations,  in particular by involving associations to the Union through granting membership. Mr. Alexeev  emphasized  the need to further promote the exhibition industry through its diversification, intensification of advertising and marketing activities, participation in the federal and regional state programs of import substitution, development of science, industry and trade.


The report of the RUEF Executive Director Ludmila Smorodova on the Union performance trough the period of 2014-2016, highlighted  the work done by the Union, achievements of the objectives of the exhibition community, assistance to the RUEF members in their activities, improvement the quality of exhibition services, the promotion of exhibition audit as a tool for enhancing the exhibition market transparency, systematic approach to training specialists of exhibition companies.


Election Results


Sergey Alekseev, Vice-President of EF-International, St. Petersburg,  was re-elected as the RUEF President.


Sergey Bednov, General Director of Expocentre, Valery Barulin, General Director of Nizhny Novgorod Fair, Vladimir Tabachnikov, General Director of JSC Kuzbass Fair retained the positions of the RUEF Vice-Presidents.


16 RUEF members were elected as the members of the RUEF Board.

Liudmila Smorodova was re-elected as the RUEF Executive Director.

The list and members of the RUEF Committees were approved as follows:

- on Membership

- on RUEF activities strategic planning, Exhibitions Industry regulatory framework improvement

- on Legal Issues

- on ICT

- on Marketing and Research

- on Education

- on Voluntary Certification of Trade Shows, including the experts group.

The official dinner the Catherine Palace, Pushkin, dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the RUEF finalized the day. At that the awarding ceremony took place.

A number of managers and employees of exhibition organizations received awards Russian Ministry of  Industry and Trade, CCI of Russia, RUEF for the contribution to the development of exhibition industry and due to the 25th Anniversary of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.

RUEF General Sponsor Diplomas were granted to Expocenter, Moscow, and EF-International, St. Petersburg.

After that the awards were granted to the winners of the second stage of the Contest of articles, photos and videos devoted to the Global Exhibition Day in the categories of Best Article, Best Photo / Series of Photos and Best Video.

The second day of the General Meeting, December 15, was devoted to further resolving of operational issues, including the RUEF Action Plan for 2017, RUEF Financial Performance for 2017, Voluntary Certification of Trade Shows.

These issues were followed by the presentation of Andrey Zhukovsky, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Moscow Convention Bureau and the General Director of the RussCom IT Systems,  sharing his experience on the collective booths organization based on the case of "Made in Miscow" group exposition of the Moscow based manufacturers.  Mr. Zhukovsky  spoke about the opportunities for offered by the manufacturer support program in the field of congress and exhibitions activity, including for the RUEF members. The logical continuation of this report was Zhukovsky's presentation on "The marketing centers as a tool for cooperation in the exhibition activities," which were proposed to be established on the basis of the exhibition organizers - members of RUEF.

The Practical Conference moderated by Sergey Alexeev on the topic Ways of Growing Up in Crisis Environment: Best Practices from Successful Trade Show Projects that took place later this day attracted a lot of interest on the part of the Meeting participants.

The general idea of the Conference emphasized by all participants was that during the tough times we should join our efforts and support each other to retain the exhibition industry running. During the session the speakers shared their experience on holding successful exhibitions and improving the performance. On the basis of their presentations the set of recommendations and advices for the operating in the crisis environment.

The following speakers made their presentations on the Conference:

- Maria Evnevich, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Department of Economics Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Faculty of Economics, St. Petersburg State University presenting topic Economics Today. Short Review

- Sergei Tsybukov, President of the plastics processing operations named after Komsomolskaya Pravda, St. Petersburg, presented his views on the objectives of exhibition and convention industry in promotion the products of domestic enterprises in the economic crisis conditions

- Sergey Voronkov, Director General of EF-International, St. Petersburg, with a presentation on the theme New Formats of Events: How to Go beyond the Classical Convention and Exhibition Activities

- Peter Gritsenko, General Director of Baltic-Expo, Kaliningrad, spoke about Information Technologies in the Exhibition Business

- Vladimir Tabachnikov, General Director of Kuzbass Fair, Novokuznetsk, shared the Kuzbass Fair Experience in the Implementation of Exhibition Projects

- Igor Kirsanov, General Director of RESTEC Exhibition Company, St. Petersburg, presented a report on Effective Use of Internal and External Communications of Industries as a Platform for the Growth of the Exhibition Industry in Curent Conditions

- Alexander Shtalenkov, General Director of ITE Expo, Moscow, presented the report Growing Exhibitions within the Crisis Periods – are there any Blueprints?

- Arcady Andronik, General Director of Moldexpo, Chisinau, presented Novelties from Moldexpo or How to Break the Mould

The next General Meeting of the RUEF Members will be held in June 2017 in Kislovodsk hosted by  Convention Bureau Progress.

Today RUEF represents:

87 Members among them 56 Organisers, 27 Service Providers, 4 Fairgrounds (not being Organisers)

The membership of Siberia Expocentr (Novosibirsk) was eliminated due to their fail to pay the subscription fees.



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